"Alison’s Advanced
Numerology class is
more than just a class
in numerology.  It is a
class which gives you
another way of looking
at life.  Because of
Alison’s class I no
longer view
circumstances, people,
and conditions the
same.  Alison teaches
in a way  that draws
you in and keeps you
wanting more.  For me,
Alison’s class did more
than teach me
Numerology, it changed
the direction of my life,
and that is the name of
my new business:  
“New Directions”.

With all that I am,
thank you Alison,"

Kathy Mac
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
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Advanced Numerology Course
5 ~ 2-hour teleclasses

Next Class starts January 2021
Email for details prior to paying
Cost 260.00

Class size limited to 10. Each class is conducted via teleconference and
standard call rates apply. Upon purchasing the class, you will be
automatically registered and will receive a confirmation email.
Class Objective

You will be learning Numerology but more importantly, you will be learning what the books do not teach you. I will
share with you my years of experience and expertise. I will teach you to "feel" the energy of the numbers and
how to recognize them in people's actions.

Also, Numerology books fail to teach interpretation but rather concentrate on teaching calculation methods and
number meanings.

Understanding the numbers is very important but the greater question is how do they interact with each other?  
What does the whole chart say?

A person’s Numerology Chart is in essence, a description of that person’s soul journey in this lifetime and it is
describing not only the energy that makes the person who they are but also the energy which influences their
experiences. There is a distinction.

My main prerogative in this Workshop is to help you make sense out of the chart as a whole, to not only teach
you Numerology but to teach you how to interpret the chart.

I will share with you my insights learned through study and experience that is not found in any books.

*Each class will be followed by a question and answer period which may go beyond the actual time line of the class. You are
welcome to stay or leave class.

Prior to Class: ~ Getting Your Charts

The easiest way to learn Numerology is to have the charts of the people you know best at your disposal as you
learn about the energy of the numbers. Being able to recognize the energy of the numbers in your loved ones can
be a valuable teacher as it helps you to retain the information easily.

As part of the class, I will be sending you your personal Numerology Chart but I am also offering to send you the
charts of 3 other people of your choosing. Please be sure to select who based upon how well you know them.

Provide their Date of Birth and Name Exactly as recorded on the Birth Certificate to me in an email prior to class
(including yours).


It is not mandatory for you to purchase a book prior to class .You will receive several instructional worksheets
prior to each class which pertain to that specific class. These informational worksheets cover the basics and have
everything you need to know.

Still, if you want books to help in your study, I do recommend “The Romance in Your Name” by Juno Jordan and
“The Idiots Guide to Numerology” for starters.  A book list will be given at the conclusion of the workshop for
further study.

Advanced Numerology Course Outline

Class 1

Origins of Numerology (What is it? Where did it come from?).

Discrepancies in the Books (Where Numerologists do not agree and also where there is conflicting information
which can be confusing for you as you continue your study).

Focusing on the Numbers and Meanings (Teaching you how to “feel” the energy of the Numbers and how to
observe it in others as well as what the numbers mean including my personal insight).

Master Numbers.

Class 2

What Name to Use (Adoptions, mistakes and other problems with names).

Core Numbers (What are they? What do they mean?  How to calculate).

Lifepath, Birthday, Expression, Hearts Desire, Personality and Maturity Numbers.

Interpretation of the Core Numbers (How the Core Numbers interact and influence a person which can actually
influence the meaning of the numbers and how you interpret the chart).

Class 3

Additional Influences to the Core Numbers.

Karmic Numbers 13, 14, 16, 19 (What is Karma? How does it influence a person’s Life Experience? How does it
change your interpretation of the Numbers?).

Missing letters in the name (How does a Missing Number in the name influence a person? What does it mean
when considering how it will create experiences for that person?).

Hidden Passion, the numbers found most in the name (Misconception about the Hidden Passion Number and how
to read this correctly).

Challenges: What are Challenge Numbers? How to calculate and how to understand their influence on a person.

Class 4

The Energy that Influences your Experiences and offers you your Opportunities in Life.

Pinnacles (What are they? How to calculate? How do you compare the Pinnacle Numbers to the Core Numbers
and other information in the chart for further insight?).

Cycles (How important are they? How to calculate? Meanings.).

Essences and Transits (What are they? How do they influence a person’s experience? Explaining how important
they are. What is duality? My personal favorite and you will be surprised by what you learn in this class.).

Class 5

Touching upon other Numbers found in a Numerology Chart (Yes, there are even more Numbers calculated in a

Personal Year (How to Calculate? What they mean? Why they are so important?).

Other areas to apply Numerology (everything from psychic abilities to house numbers [including haunted ones],
checking account numbers, business numbers etc.).

Where to go from here (further course of study).
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