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Numerology and Your Finances
Teleconference Class

Wednesday, March 15th
0:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET (2 hours)

If you would like the opportunity to work with me in an  intimate setting discussing your personal
Numerology and how it affects your finances, this is the teleconference call you do not want to miss.

Learn about the numbers in your personal Numerology Chart that influence your finances and find out how
you can be more successful by understanding how to use them to your advantage.

Each participant will have an opportunity to ask a question regarding their career or financial outlook and I
will be answering. (Yes, an added benefit, an actual reading of your chart)
I will also be giving you some Feng Shui advice to use in your home or office to also assist you to be more
financially successful.

To maintain an intimate atmosphere, this class is LIMITED to 10 participants so register early.
Upon Registering, please
email me with your Birth Information: Name on Birth Certificate and Date of Birth.  

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