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Decoding Your Numerology Chart
Teleconference Class

Friday, April 28
10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET (2 hours)

What most people do not realize is that your Personal Numerology Chart is the Instruction Manual of your
life. It has a wealth of information to share with you to help validate who you are as a person, explain why
you are here and give you insight on your experiences.  

If you would like the opportunity to spend some quality time with me as I share information about your
Personal Numerology Chart with you, this is a class you should consider. This will be an intimate class limited
to 10 participants so you will get a very personalized experience.

You wll be provided with you own Personal Numerology Chart and be given an opportunity to ask a specific
question of your choosing.

To maintain an intimate atmosphere, this class is LIMITED to 10 participants so register early.
Upon Registering, please
email me with your Birth Information: Name on Birth Certificate and Date of Birth.  

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