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Summer School for Your Soul Series
our Cosmic Guide to 2018
Teleconference Class

Thursday, September 21
10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET (2 hours)

The New Year stands before us like a chapter in a book waiting to be written.
What will be your story next year?

It is never too early to plan your next great adventure so please join me as I take you on a Cosmic trip into
2018 to see what the Universe has in store for you.

In this class, I will be working with you using your personal Numerology Chart to give you the best possible
guidance for next year. I will be explaining the meaning of your Personal Year and also letting you know
about the Essence and Transit Numbers that will be influencing you. Each person will have an opportunity to
ask a personal question at the end of class.

Let me assist you in making the most out of your 2018.

You can take this class in the comfort of your own home because all you need is a phone. It is limited to 10
participants so register early. Upon purchasing the class, please
email me with your Date of Birth and the
name on your Birth Certificate.

Check back soon for more upcoming events!