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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Let's Talk About the Number 8

The number 8 can show up in your chart in several places. It could be your Lifepath Number which is
based upon your Date of Birth or the letters of your name could add up to an 8. Another common place
an 8 is also found is on the day you were born ( 8th, 17th, 26th ).

8 is the number most associated with money, power and

material rewards but it is only achieved through great effort
and by setting goals and working to achieve them. Most 8s
at the end of the day, look to see what they have accomplished.
Although an 8 has an opportunity to rise to a position of
status and financial wealth, money should not ever be the
object but rather, leaving a legacy of accomplishment behind
should be their goal. This is the "rags to riches" number and
even if you have humble beginnings, being born into poverty,
this number gives you the opportunity to become very
successful in life. It also draws powerful and influential people
around you along the way.

The 8 tends to focus on their career and do have tendencies to become a workaholic. They are very
self-disciplined people who are somewhat driven to succeed. They also have a great deal of vitality and
others might find it hard to keep up with them. They literally can do business morning, noon and night.
It is important for an 8 to realize that they can not neglect their relationships or even their health
because they are so intensely focused upon their careers.

They are excellent judge of character and have the ability to see potential in others. They must pay
careful attention to their instincts. The 8 will meet some unprincipled people along the way and it would
be wise to avoid association with them.

It is not unusual for an 8 to experience financial difficulties, even a bankruptcy, during their lifetime.
Perhaps the experience serves to teach them to make better financial decisions and avoid being in that
position ever again. No matter what difficulties an 8 goes through, they are the ultimate survivor
because they never give up. "Throwing in the towel" is not an option for an 8. They will brush
themselves off and get back up again and get on with the business of life. Money lost will eventually be
earned again if they just persevere. 8s can become an inspiration to others because of their ability to
overcome adversity. Along the same lines, 8s have a difficult time understanding why people give up
but they must understand the 8 has very strong survivor instincts and not everyone is created equal.

8s understand the business world like no other and they know how to be successful and make money.
They have strong executive abilities and the ambition to go with their talents. They have excellent
problem solving skills and know the most efficient way to get a job done. They, in fact, can get quite
frustrated with others who do not have the same abilities. An 8 should understand that it is their duty
to show other people how to be successful rather than to be exasperated by their incompetence.

Money and power is a key element with the 8 but they must be careful of becoming greedy or
unscrupulous in their desire to get ahead. An 8 should understand that you reap what you sow and
they should never engage in unethical behavior because it will come back to haunt them. There is no
waiting for Karmic balancing with an 8. What goes around will come around in this lifetime so best not
to incur any Karma by being principled and always doing the right thing.

An 8 likes to appear successful and it is reflected in their clothing, homes, possessions and life-style. If
it is designer, chances are the 8 owns it. In an 8's world, the more it costs, the better it is.

8s do have to guard against being controlling and trying to manipulate outcomes. They like to be in
control. They also can be very demanding about what they want and lack tact when presenting their
thoughts. They tend to be honest, frank and sometimes may express their irritation too forcefully.

8 have a Divine awareness that has been learned through many past lifetimes. It is believed 8 have
intuitive knowledge of the great mysteries, secrets of the metaphysical sciences. It is important for an 8
to realize their power and success comes from a Higher Source and give gratitude for it.

~Alison Baughman
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