If you are in a 1 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 6 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

Love and relationships are front and center this month. If you are in a relationship, you may feel the urge to
deepen it by making more of a commitment. Perhaps it is time to retire your "little black book".  On the same
note, if this relationship has problems, you may very well be packing up and heading on down the highway.
If you are having problems, my advice is to sit down and have a heart to heart and be truthful about how
you are feeling.  Try to clear the air and be willing to make some compromises. If the problems can not be
resolved, then perhaps it is time to move on.

One thing is for certain, you may have to devote more time to family or a loved one.This month offers you the
opportunity to be helpful and nurturing.  For example, there may be a family crisis or something having to do
with the family that requires your attention. You also could have a family vacation or gathering on your
schedule this month.

Career and finances should be good this month. If offered a job or promotion, just be aware that a great
deal of responsibility comes with it.
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
If you are in a 2 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 7 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

The force is with you in May. It is time to tune into your inner guidance system because this month brings
highly intuitive and psychic energy your way. Your dreams may become intense but look for the messages in
them.  Take time to go for walks, read and meditate and you will find that this month offers you a great deal
of insight about your life and your role in it. You may gain insight in areas of your life where previously, you
were unclear.

You should put your career, social life and other material things on the back burner and make use of this time
to reflect and even rest up a bit. You may even find the pace of your life slows down a little bit to allow you
the luxury to get lost in your thoughts. This is an excellent month to take a class or read a book or to even
do a little research. Exercise your brain and you will be glad you did.

You may not be feeling as social as you usually do, perhaps feeling the need to spend some time alone.
Don't worry as you will be back to your old self next month. Be patient with yourself and others. Take care of
ur health.
If you are in a 3 PERSONAL YEAR, May is an 8 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

Finally comes a month that will be positive for career and finances. You can expect the proverbial "pat on
the back" this month for a job well done and this also could come in the form of a promotion or some kind of
financial reward.  

Do not be afraid to show the world how very capable you are and be aggressive when it comes to business.
Anything having to do with finances should turn out well for you so if you have thought of investing or
perhaps trying to remortgage your home, this month should bring positive results. If you own your
business, this is a good month to plan a money generating event such as a sales promotion. You should be
lucky with money this month and may even receive a payment out of the blue.

This would also be a good time to take a look at your finances and make sure you are allocating your money
wisely. You may have an urge to spend some money on something lavish this month. Just make sure you
can afford it.
If you are in a 4 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 9 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

This month opens the door to the possibility of problems with a relationship that can be personal or

Trust issues or perhaps a great disappointment has occurred and you may decide to end the relationship or
distance yourself from the situation. Whatever the case, be very careful of being angry to too judgmental
but rather just end it and forgive the person and move on. There is no sense dwelling on it as it was not
meant to be.

This is also a good month to finish up any projects or work that you have been putting off. Focus on
completing projects and refrain from starting anything new this month.

This Year has certainly made work a priority and you probably already sense that there is no relief in sight
but next month has a few changes in store so don't despair.

Whenever the 4 energy is present, we seem to have lowered vitality so with that being said " early to bed '
for you this month, eat right and take your vitamins!` Your health can suffer from stress that is mostly
related to the intensity of your work this year so take some time to relax and regroup
If you are in a 5 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 1 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

Physically, you should feel very energetic this month and you will need that extra energy because this could
turn out to be an action packed month for you. Opportunities with your career are on the agenda and you
may not have a lot of advance warning so be prepared to move quickly.  You could be motivated to start
some new venture or be given a new opportunity and you definitely should act on it. Be aware that things
that are begun in a 1 Personal Month have a greater chance of succeeding so take advantage!

Money could go through your hands like water through a sieve this month so be a little cautious when it
comes to overspending.

Romance is highly favored so if you are single, pay attention because you may be introduced to someone
new. I do hate to throw cold water on this relationship but chances are it might be tons of fun but not
lasting in nature.

If married, you may meet someone who sparks some interest and some restraint will be needed.
If you are in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 2 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

This month can be an emotional one and relationships, family and friends can require some additional
comfort, love and nurturing. This year has brought you additional responsibility in all areas of your life, home
as well as career and you have been sacrificing your time and energy more so than usual. This month it is
important to keep the peace and harmony with your relationships and be sensitive to the needs of others.

If you find yourself in the middle of a quarrel, the best course is to find a peaceful resolution. Any other
response can bring difficulties. Consequently, you are feeling a bit more sensitive and emotional this month.
Be patient with yourself and understand it is the energy of this month that heightens your sensitivities. No
matter what is going on, you will be able to sense what needs to be done. Be tactful and diplomatic. Follow
your inner guidance and intuition. You may also be feeling very indecisive this month so I do advise putting
off major decisions until you can see clearly.

For those looking for love, romance is on the agenda and even one that could turn out to be committed and
long-lasting. This is an excellent month for meeting someone.

Try to make some time to meditate daily and pay attention to your inner guidance. Your intuition is sharp
this month and psychic energy is flowing. Look for the signs and messages.
If you are in a 7 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 3 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

You have been doing some serious reflecting on your life and soul searching this year but May brings a
change of pace.

Call your travel agent and take a vacation and if that is not possible, just plan some fun and relaxing
playful adventures. You may want to get in touch with your friends and spend some time with them and it
is a "full steam ahead" kind of month for social situations. You may gain some valuable insight from long
conversations with your friends.

You are better able to express your thoughts and ideas this month so take advantage of the energy of this
month and talk to people and express yourself. You will make a good impression. You also are especially
lucky this month. Let's not forget, you are also more creative this month so tap into that energy. Perhaps
you might want to journal or do some decorating but whatever it is, let your imagination create a little
sparkle this month.  

When it comes to romance, you are magnetic this month so get ready for some attention.
On the spiritual front, be prepared for some intense dreams which may just be giving you messages from
If you are in an 8 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 4 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

It is a good thing you are focused on your career and finances this year because May is going to bring
extra work. You may start off the month feeling frustrated because you have to deal with boring details
and work as usual and you definitely will be putting in some overtime. It is best to just buckle down and
get organized and make the best possible use out of your time. This month is very important to your future
as the effort you put in here will bring you new opportunities in June.  

It is also a good month to do remodeling in the home or finish up long-postponed projects.  You have
discipline at your disposal this month so use it. It will pay off!~

Take some time to evaluate your financial status. Look over your budget and make sure you are making
good financial choices. Make adjustments as need be. Do not overspend. Payments may come due this
month so hold off on unnecessary expenditures.  

Make sure you do not break the rules this month because the results could cost you.
If you are in a 9 PERSONAL YEAR, May is a 5 PERSONAL MONTH for you:  

You have been applying the principles of Feng Shui to your life this year
. Time to clear the clutter. You have
been examining your life and making decisions about what needs to be changed because you find that
"status quo" is not tolerable anymore. Sometimes this can be an emotional time and a time that leaves us
unclear in the direction we are taking. Quite literally, in order to make room for new things in our life, we
have to sometimes get rid of old junk. "Happy Housecleaning."

Now this month you may feel a greater desire to make these changes. Your mind is more willing to let go
and you are also more open to change. It is best not to begin anything new in this year but certainly you
can end things or complete things as part of the changes May wants to encourage you to do.

I would suggest that you take advantage of the social side of the 5 energy and perhaps travel a bit or
spend time with your friends and loosen up and just breathe and try to enjoy yourself. You may find good
conversation is just what the Dr. ordered.  

This is a good month to promote your ideas as people will be receptive to them. I assure you that next
year you will have many new opportunities but for right now, you are in the preparation stages for a
whole new experience.

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