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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Numerology for Women

With Valentines Day approaching and Spring Fever just around the corner,
Numerology can be your new BFF. When it comes to love and compatibility,
Numerology can help you avoid those disastrous first dates, awkward
moments and so much more.

Numerology also can give you advice your best friend never will.

Almost every woman I know is 40 and over and single. Internet dating
is now considered the norm which gives new meaning to a "blind date".

You can go off to that first date without a clue or you can learn a whole lot more about him to prepare
you for a successful evening.

Imagine if you knew ahead of time, his interests, where to take him on a first date, his personality
traits,what to talk about, what he wants in a woman, and yes, even his lovemaking style!~

Ok yes, I admit it, it is cheating but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. More importantly, you can
discover if he is compatible with you.

GET HIS NUMBER is a fabulously fun website designed with you ladies in mind. Whether you are single
or married, it can be extremely helpful in understanding the person you are involved with.

All you need is his Date of Birth and it can open up a world of information for you. You can even order a
detailed 20+ page reading for only $9.95.

Your reading is instantly downloaded so no waiting. Whatever you do, don't forget to

~Alison Baughman

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her
professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki
Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and the host of Visible By Numbers, a weekly Internet talk show
on BBS Radio. For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit
visiblebynumbers/contact. html or email alison [at] visiblebynumbers [dot] com.
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