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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Tips for September 2019

September is a 9 Calendar Month. The overall
influence of the 9 is on letting go of what no
longer serves you and finishing up whatever
has been left undone in your life. Sometimes
we hold on to emotional pain and do not
realize we are hurting ourselves in the process.
We can not move forward if we are still living
in the past. It is not easy to forgive and move
on but that is exactly what you need to do.
By allowing pain caused by someone else to
undermine your happiness, you are actually
allowing that person to continue to hurt you.

It is time to take a different perspective and value yourself enough to release the pain and refuse to let
the past interfere with your future.

There is a great deal of emphasis on emotions and relationships this month and perhaps it is time to sit
down and do a little reflection. Give yourself some time to release and heal and also empower yourself
by making conscious choices about what you allow in your life.

If you have any project that needs to be finished , September is the month to focus on that. October
will be bringing in a taste of what 2020 has in store for you so prepare for the future by making room
for new beginnings.

September is a 3 Universal Month as well, so make sure you speak from your

heart and express your truth.

Here is some more advice based upon your Personal Year.

*How to
Calculate Your Personal Year

If you are in a 1 Personal Year:
This is an excellent month to begin something so use that energy to your advantage. Things begun
under the influence of the 1 energy tend to be quite successful. I even encourage you to use the 1st,
and 10th of September as a launch date.
DO: Begin a new project
DON'T: Overpower people

If you are in a 2 Personal Year:
Try to avoid any arguments or disagreements. The best course is to find a diplomatic solution to any
problems. Better to forgive and let go. Find a compromise.
There may be the proverbial "message from above" hidden somewhere in this month. Ask yourself ,
what are my experiences trying to teach me.
Romance is on the agenda so if single, you could meet someone very special.
DO: Meditate and ground your energy
DON'T: Let your emotions get the best of you

If you are in a 3 Personal Year:
Pay attention to your intuition and also to your dreams. Your dreams could be downright prophetic.
Most importantly, greet each day with your best smile and be cheerful as you could be downright
inspirational this month.
DO: Use visualization and positive thought
DON'T: Be reckless with your money

If you are in a 4 Personal Year:
Getting rest, eating right and making good use of what little time you do have off from work to relax
and refresh is a good tip for you this month. Stay disciplined this month and work hard. If there is any
area of your life that could use a little organization, this is the month to work on that.
DO: Pace yourself with work and stay focused
DON'T: Break any rules

If you are in a 5 Personal Year:
You will be impulsive so give careful thought to any permanent changes you are considering.
You also should be careful with your money. You could take a risk that does not work out for you so
proceed with a bit more caution. If you have the opportunity to travel or take a vacation, this is the
month to do it.
DO: Communicate your ideas and market yourself
DON'T: Be reckless as you might be more accident prone

If you are in a 6 Personal Year:
Work on any relationships that you have been having trouble with.This is a good time for healing. Open
up the lines of communication and express your feelings from the heart.If you are in a relationship, you
may find it becomes more serious this month and a commitment is made. If you are single, you may
meet someone who has potential .
DO: Spend time with your family
DON'T: Take on so much responsibility that you begin to feel resentful

If you are in a 7 Personal Year:

Take some time off and rest this month. Do not be surprised that circumstances happen to allow you
more time off from your normal routine.
You may be prone to saying the wrong thing or being misunderstood so choose your words carefully.
This is a great month to take a class,workshop or do anything related to education. It is also a good
month to get a reading for additional insight or try something holistic such as a Reiki treatment.
DO: Meditate or spend time in nature
DON'T: Resist the urge to rest

If you are in an 8 Personal Year:
Work hard, be authoritative but avoid being controlling this month.
You may be in your power to the point of being egotistical so be aware that you could alienate people
by month's end.
DO: Use sound judgment
DON'T: Make any major purchases because you might need that money for an unexpected expense

If you are in a 9 Personal Month:
This is not a good month to begin something new. It would be best to use the energy of this month to
finish up old projects. Maybe you never finished that book, or art project or perhaps some home related
improvement remains unfinished. Now is the time to tie up all loose ends.
Make room for the future by clearing out all unnecessary things in your life. You might even do a little
house cleaning before it is all said and done.
Spend some time envisioning where you would like to be in your future. Time to focus on your dreams
and aspirations and send a clear message to the Universe of what you would like to create in your life.
If you are unemployed and looking for a new job, be patient as a new opportunity is coming next
month for you.
DO: Avoid the drama and control your emotions
DON'T: Hold on to the past
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