"Alison...your spirit
was so kind and loving
and validating - you
told me all those
things I so greatly
needed to hear at this
particular point in my
life. I will never forget
this gift you gave me."

~ Julie
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
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Welcome to March!

The language of Numerology speaks to us
like an old friend. It knows us better than
we know ourselves. It forgives us when we
make mistakes. It loves us for exactly who
we are and reminds us about our good
qualities us when we loose our confidence.
It comforts us when we feel lost and cheers
us on to our greatest accomplishments.

The best advice I have ever received came
from old friends and a Numerology book.

The best part is that Numerology, unlike an old friend, can predict our future. It knows what paths we have
chosen and is perfectly aware of when significant changes to our lives will occur. It holds on to the road map of
our lives waiting for us to discover it.

Have you discovered yours?

For the Month of March, if you purchase
Speaking to Your Soul Through Numerology in either hard copy or
Kindle format, I will send you a copy of your Numerology Chart.  You can use your chart as a quick reference
guide to help you find information in the book that is specifically about you.

To receive your Numerology Chart, please
email me a copy of your purchase receipt and your Date Of Birth and
Name on your Birth Certificate.

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Many Happy Blessings!

~ Alison
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