"Alison...your spirit
was so kind and loving
and validating - you
told me all those
things I so greatly
needed to hear at this
particular point in my
life. I will never forget
this gift you gave me."

~ Julie
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
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Welcome to September!

Have you ever mixed a cocktail a little too strong and
took a sip and thought "whoa"?Yeah well, September
is a lot like that.

Your Personal Month Number and your Personal Year

Number matches during the month of September. It
quite literally doubles up on the energy that has been
effecting you all year and it can intensify what you
have been experiencing.

There is no need to build a blanket fort and hide out

till the month is over. It may be intense but it also
offers you some great opportunities.

Hopefully you know what your Personal Year Number

is by now but if you do not, email me your Date Of
Birth and I will let you know what it is. Below you will
find a list of areas where you should focus your
attention in the month of September based upon your
Personal Year Number.

1. If you have started something already this year, take aggressive action on it or, if not, this is the perfect
month to begin a new project or take advantage of a new opportunity.

2. Find ways to work with others or be supportive of other people's endeavors. If you are feeling stressed, find a
calm peaceful place or activity that soothes your soul. Be careful of any confrontations this month and if any come
up, find a diplomatic compromise.

3. Let your inner child out and go have some fun because you will not feel much like working anyway. You are
likely to feel scattered and unable to focus so be aware. Find a creative project to work on. It would not be a bad
idea to work on your appearance either.

4. This would be a perfect month to organize your home or business. September also could be very helpful with
diet or expertize because you have an abundance of discipline.

5. Expect the unexpected in September. This month is apt to put you on a bit of a roller coaster ride of ever
changing circumstances. If you have been planning a major change in your life, it is likely to happen this month.
Travel is favored. Keep telling yourself to "go with the flow".

6. The emphasis is on your loved ones this month so do not be surprised if you are spending more time with
them. You could certainly end up caring for someone in need. Work on your relationships. It should be a
favorable month for your finances.

7. Ok now you may want to crawl into that blanket fort I mentioned previously because you will be needing some
alone time. Be patient with yourself as you have some soul-searching to do. Get your rest and if possible, take a
class or read a book to enrich your mind.

8. If an unexpected expense comes up this month, do not be surprised. The good news is that you should have
the finances to take care of whatever it might be. You should receive some praise or recognition for the work you
have been doing. Good month to examine your finances and get them in order.

9. This month is likely to bring closure to something important in your life. I encourage you to let go and not fight
to hold on to it. New opportunities are on the agenda for you so consider this as preparation to make room for

The Universal Energy Of September
September is a 1 Month in a 1 Universal Year. (2+0+1+7=10  1+0=1)
The 1 tends to be aggressive so my advice to you is to proceed with caution and to make it a habit to count to
10 before reacting this month.
On a global scale, I do expect tensions in North Korea to escalate.

I predicted an active hurricane season in my
2017 Predictions after many years of not doing so. As September
arrives, we are at the height of the hurricane season and I have noted that one of my main concerns is the East
Coast. I strongly encourage you to be particularly wary if a storm makes landfall on an 11 or a 29 day as in the
case of Katrina and Sandy.

Stay Safe and Grounded,

~ Alison
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On New Year's Eve, Alison joined Dave Schrader on Coast
to Coast for a special predictions show about 2017.

She declared that we are moving into a "One Universal
Year" for 2017 which she says are years of inventiveness
and change. She believes that we will see a time of "new
things, starts, and pushing forward." Baughman’s
economy, good years for Netflix and McDonalds, not-so-
good years for Ford and Apple, and a major hurricane for
the eastern seaboard.

You can listen to the show here:
Alison on Coast to Coast