"Alison...your spirit
was so kind and loving
and validating - you
told me all those
things I so greatly
needed to hear at this
particular point in my
life. I will never forget
this gift you gave me."

~ Julie
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
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Hello and Welcome to November!

When it comes to understanding the energy of any
given Month it is important to look at 3 different factors:

1. The Month Number Itself
November is the 11th Month and in Numerology the

11 is a Master Number. It is associated with a higher
vibration, insight, intuition and a connection to the
spiritual realm. This is an excellent month to take some
time to do some meditation. You may receive some
personal insight which could give you guidance in your
life. Pay attention to your dreams. Focus on your
spiritual connection. Avoid stressful situations because
the 11 makes everyone oversensitive.

Be sure to set some time aside on 11/11 to visualize

your future and whatever you wish to manifest in your
life. It is a powerful day so concentrate on your heart's
desire !~

2. The Universal Month Number
November is a 1 Universal Month because we add 11

to the Universal Year Number which is an 8.
11+8=19 1+9=1  The vibration of the Universal Month Number affects everyone on the planet.
The 1 emphasizes a tendency to be aggressive and quick to act. The 19 has a Karmic connection to abuse of
power. Will there be power struggles in November?  Yes, most likely. Also when you add the heightened
emotions of the 11 to the aggressive energy of the 1, you set the stage for more crime and  violence. Both
have been on the increase this year. The fight against Isis will most likely escalate. In any other area where
countries have been "saber-rattling" , caution is recommended otherwise the situation could lead to greater

3. Your Personal Monthly Forecast
Each of us have a personal monthly forecast based upon our Personal Year Number. Read yours
on the
Personal Numerology Forecast page every month.  

Wishing you all a great month!
~ Alison
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