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~ Julie
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
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Hello and Welcome to January 2015

Happy New Year!~
2015 - An 8 Universal Year

"He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be
suspected of doing everything for money."

~ Benjamin Franklin
The 8 Universal Year begins January 1st, 2015.  When we are discussing the Universal Year, it is important to
note that it applies to every country and every person on the planet and will set the tone for our collective
experience in 2015.

I liken this year to the old saying "robbing Peter to pay Paul" but this is the year Peter is going to call you out
on it. Peter knows you robbed him and wants his money back, is suing you and he has God representing him in

This 8 Universal Year emphasizes everything having to do with money and it is time to get the world's financial
house in order. The 8 has the potential to make this a very prosperous year for the world economy but the 8
can also represent a Karmic reckoning. Wrongs will be righted under the influence of the 8.  Major companies
will be held accountable for any illegal business practices and will pay a hefty price for their behavior which can
result in bankruptcies, lower profits and loss of revenue.

Unstable economies will be forced to correct themselves. Japan, Greece, China and European economies are
already experiencing difficulties which need to be addressed.  Banking Institutions not built on sound financial
practices will fail or have to correct their problems. We can expect major fluctuations in world stock markets
especially in May and September.

With all that being said the 8 is the ultimate problem solver and can find solutions to problems that have been
plaguing the world for some time now. Goals will be set for achievements to be attained next year and into the
future. The 8 year, although tumultuous, is leading us one step closer to a better world to live in. In order to
build a better world, you have to tear down and deconstruct obstacles that stand in your way. This is all part
of that process.

On a personal level, you should use the energy of the 8 Universal Year to get your individual financial house in
order. Take some time to review your finances. Make sure you are making sound financial decisions and not
living beyond your means. Check your credit card statements to make sure there are no fraudulent charges
and order a copy of your credit score and review it for accuracy.  You may want to change your passwords
online if you have not done so recently.  Set some financial goals for the future such as paying off debt or
putting more money in savings or retirement accounts. This is not a time to live beyond your means or make a
risky investment but rather, be cautious. Please be careful of fraudulent emails and phone calls asking for
money for one reason or another because there will be plenty of them. Do your due diligence to investigate
before you act. If you have elderly parents or grandparents who are not internet savvy, you may want to have
a talk with them as they are the ones who most often fall prey to con artists.

For more information on 2015, please check out my full 2015 Predictions, the new article in OMTimes
2015 - An 8 Universal Year and, as always, your Personal Monthly Forecasts for January.

Wishing you Abundant Blessings throughout YOUR 8 Universal Year!
~ Alison
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