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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

2011 Predictions
Based on Numerology

2011 is a 4 Universal Year. ( 2+0+1+1=4) We have to look to
the energy of the number 4 in order to understand the trend
of global events in 2011.

The 4 Year is strongly associated with hard work and little freedom to pursue frivolous activities. It is a
time to be practical, down to earth, follow the rules and be organized and efficient. Success can only be
achieved through endurance and discipline. It is a Year that is instrumental for building a foundation for
the future because the number 4 demands that we stabilize all areas of our life by working on the
foundation upon which we live. On that note, the number 4 is strongly associated with Mother Earth.
Financially, it can be a challenging year because you have to be careful with your money in a 4 Year,
being frugal and spending it wisely

There is also a warning about stress and health with the number 4.

*Please note, since I published my thoughts on 2011 on my Blog Nov 21st, several news stories came out
which tend to validate my predictions. I have included links to them below with the associated predictions.

The mood of the world is about to take a somber note and I suspect our sense of humor will be on
hiatus in 2011. It is time for the world to work on our problems in a no nonsense way.

The following are potential trends for 2011 based upon its being a 4 Universal Year and also
observations on events in October.

1. Governments around the world will have to reign in their spending and you will find cuts to programs
that would be considered to be expendable. It is time for our governments to be frugal. Whether it is
on a federal, state or local level, budgets must be balanced and some of these budget cuts will be

2. Products that are more efficient or that save money, for example fuel efficient cars, will be invented
or marketed. This would be an area to invest your money. Look for start up companies of this nature.
Also if you have extra money to invest, given the excellent buyers market in real estate, if you can
invest in a rental property or something of that nature, this would be the best place to put your money
rather than the stock market. It is not a year to take a risk.

3. More laws will be proposed and passed that on some level create limitations in our lives, perhaps
even limiting our freedom. It will all about “law and order” in 2011. Our travel could be restricted in
some way.

4. There will be a clash in ideologies where there is no middle ground. People will have strong opinions.
This may cause more demonstrations or protests. People will become stressed and angry. Some
incidents could potentially become violent.

5. Governments will either choose to or be forced (perhaps because of a natural disaster) to work on
the infrastructures of their countries. Due to the fact the sun is in a solar maximum period, we face real
danger with an interruption to our electricity for extended periods. There are plans in place to cut
power in the event of a serious solar flare. This is based upon scientific facts and I encourage you to do
your own research on the effects of this particular solar maximum period on you and your families. Be

6. People will feel the increasing costs of gas, food and necessities and have to make adjustments with
their own budgets. There also could be protests over high prices. We can also expect shortages of
products. You may want to stock up on basics and you might even consider it an investment as prices
will continue to rise so you will be saving money in the long run by purchasing at a lower price.

7. Fashions and trends will be less colorful but more practical and there will be less emphasis on
exorbitant spending and even Hollywood will tone down the usual “over the top” spending, glitz and

8. Companies who have been unethical by lying or misrepresenting their products will be exposed and
held accountable. This would also include public individuals.

9. The increased trend in Earthquakes will continue in 2011. Because there was a 6.9 Earthquake in the
Gulf of California in October, I have concern about that area. I also expect more tsunamis.

10. Industries that depend on a good economy such as the vacation and travel industry, restaurants,
and high end commerce will continue to suffer even more in 2011. People will not be as willing to part
with their hard earned dollar even if they have extra money.

11. The stock market may “flat line” in the sense that people will not be as willing to take a risk.

12. Unfortunately, job losses and unemployment will add to the financial limitations of many people in
2011. Many job losses will come from budget cuts made by the government for government funded

13. 2011 may be a difficult year for epidemics or pandemics. There is already evidence of this with
cholera in Haiti, whooping cough, hand and foot disease and now news of the bird flu in China. Learn
how to keep your immunity system healthy. Start taking Vitamin D and C and do some research on
other options.

14. North Korea will continue to be a concern for their aggressive behavior and there will be more news
which will cause alarm.

15. Weather will continue to break the records. Flooding, wind storms, tornadoes and “freak storms”
will be in the news for 2011. Expect a few Nor’easters this year but generally a milder winter for the
East and a difficult winter for the Midwest. I do not expect an active hurricane season in the Atlantic
again in 2011.

16. Expect more and more unexplained phenomenon with the earth’s atmosphere in 2011 including
meteorites, undiscovered anomalies, and strange behavior of the sun and yes, even UFOs.

17. Without question, the focus on a more spiritual approach to living will continue to grow and you can
expect to see continued growth of this trend in TV, radio and all forms of media.

~Alison Baughman
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