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2013 Predictions
Published 01/01/2013

2+0+1+3=6 which means 2013 is a
6 Universal Year and the energy
of the 6 will strongly influence our collective experience throughout
the year.

The 6 is considered to be a fortunate number on many levels.  It
should be good news for the economy as the 6 indicates
improvement. The real estate market should rebound and we
should see improvement with home sales, new construction and even
in the interior design aspect of the home market.  We will begin to see positive growth with the
economy all around, especially in the second half of the year.  Foreclosure rates and unemployment will
continue to go down. It should turn out to be a good year for the music industry.

The 6 is associated with “Cosmic Mother and Father” energy so there will be a great deal of emphasis
on children next year.  It will be the year of home and family and we can expect a return to family
values.  Birth, adoption, marriage and divorce rates should be higher in 2013 because the 6 is strongly
associated with all of these things.  There will be strong emphasis on improvements in education as

We can expect it to be the year where injustices are addressed because the 6 is often considered to
be the “righter of wrongs” and the “champion for the underdog”.   It will be the year where the
underprivileged, impoverished and disadvantaged receive attention and the help they need. Charity,
love and compassion are strong vibrations in a 6 year.  We should welcome opportunities to be of
service to others in any way we can. By doing so, you will be rewarded with many blessings.

On a more serious note, we may also see dogmatic behavior which is associated with the negative side
of the 6. It does give rise to fanatics and domineering attitudes which can be stubborn and even
tyrannical.  Even when something is obviously wrong, people will justify their behavior and refuse to
change. This is especially disconcerting when it comes to countries that already have strained
relationships such as China and Japan, North and South Korea and Turkey and Syria.

It is more important than ever that we are able to find peaceful resolution to our problems.  We have to
be able to see both sides of the situation and be able to reach a compromise. The energy of the 6
demands fairness and a restoration to harmony.

We are seeing more and more women rising to positions of prominence and that trend will continue.  It
is time for the woman to be heard.

Over the past several years, I have accurately predicted the severity of the hurricane season.
Unfortunately, 2013 will be an active season and it is not good news for the East Coast and I expect
another land fall, perhaps late in the season. The potential for flooding on the East Coast is high. The
East Coast will also experience Nor’easters during the winter months.  

Every year we have tornadoes and wind storms but the word for next year will be “super storms”
where the intensity of the storm is extremely unusual.  There will be extended electrical outages due to
the weather. I suggest investing in solar lighting, batteries and candles and having a small supply of
food and water on hand in the event you need it. This is not to say everyone will experience power
outages but if your area is affected, you will be glad you made preparations.

Solar Flares and Earthquakes
Although science has not confirmed that solar activity has a direct effect on earthquake activity, every
time there was a major solar flare in 2012, strong earthquakes quickly followed.  2013 will be at the
height of the solar maximum and we can expect strong earthquake activity.

It should be a good year for medical breakthroughs, especially with stem cell research.  
There will be more reports of tainted drugs on the market, people becoming sick from them and there
will be recalls.

Stock Tip
If you are invested in American Airlines, Apple, Sprint, Honda or Wal-Mart stock, I suggest you be
cautious because I suspect these companies will have difficulties in 2013.

I see the stock market in general, doing what it always does, fluctuating, but it does concern me
somewhat that there may be a shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange for some reason next year. I
am sure it is temporary but still, quite unheard of. I do not know the reason.

Watch for updates throughout the year! Happy 2013!

~Alison Baughman
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