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2017 Predictions
Published 1/2/2017

“New beginnings are often
disguised as painful endings.”
~ Lao Tzu

2017 is a 1 Universal Year.

Positive Aspects of the Number 1
Leadership, confidence, strong-will,
individuality, creative, courageous,
assertive, independent, innovative,
determined, persistent, dynamic,
unconventional, bold, ambitious,
self-reliant, pioneer, taking initiative,
forward moving,  and capable of great

Negative Aspects of the Number 1:
Arrogant, demanding, impatient, willful,
selfish, impatient, elitist, intolerant,
aggressive, self-important, unyielding,
headstrong, defiant, dictatorial,
arrogant, domineering, possessive,
greedy, unyielding.

Before we look at the energy of 2017 which is a 1 Universal Year, we need to look back at 2016 and
understand that it was a 9 Universal Year and the 9 brings endings and completions.  We could cite the
Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump as prime examples of bringing closure to an era. 2016 was
an emotionally charged year to say the least but that was to be expected. Letting go is not easy and
chaos often accompanies change. The sooner we accept that the only constant in humanity’s evolution
is change, the better.

The Universal Year Number represents energy that influences everyone on the planet and a 1 Universal
Year is especially important because it is the beginning of a 9 Year Cycle which sets the stage for
events to unfold over the next 9 years.  It is a time of change, progress and new beginnings. The
analogy often used with a 1 Year is that we are planting a seed that eventually will grow.
It goes without question that we are venturing into unfamiliar political territory in the United States and
our new administration is about to lay the groundwork for the direction our country will be going in over
the next 9 years.

A 1 Universal Year will have a strong influence on inventiveness and “out of the box” thinking. I would
expect it to be a significant year for new technology, advances in medicine and growth with new
businesses. Going back in history, 1 Universal Years are very exciting when it comes to being the very
1st at anything.

The World Wide Web was launched in a 1 Universal year. We can also give credit to being the 1st for
these many things which were launched in a 1 Universal Year:  1st transatlantic flight, the creation of
DisneyWorld, the 1st atom bomb, the 1st television,  the 1st Burger King, the 1st Soap Opera, 1st use
of the Zip code, the 1st diet soda, the 1st Volvo, the 1st  Boeing 707, the 1st nuclear sub, the 1st
kidney transplant, the 1st Hyatt Hotel, the opening of the Holland Tunnel and the Oakland Bay Bridge,
our 1st Super Hero,  our 1st TV Dinners and the 1st Landing on Mars.  It is interesting to note a 1
Universal Year gave us our 1st African-American President and soon to be the 1st President with a
background solely in the business world.  

On a personal level, this is an excellent time to give careful consideration to what you feel passionate
about or whatever dream you wish to achieve and take action on it. This is not a time to stay on the
sidelines or procrastinate. Discover your power and use it. People who are in a 1 Personal Year in
conjunction with the 1 Universal Year have the greatest advantage to start something quite significant
that could end up being very successful down the road.

Caution: Acts of Aggression
A 1 Universal Year increases the chances of aggression and conflict between countries. Historically
speaking, many wars and assassinations are commonplace in a 1 Universal Year.  

North Korea should be a concern as we move into 2017. I do see a shift with US Israeli relations and
conflict arising from that. The US involvement in the Yemen War has caused a shaky relationship with
Saudi Arabia and this situation could intensify.  Although a great deal has been said about President-
elect Trump’s friendship with Russia and how that might be a catalyst for a better relationship with
Russia, I am wary of this. There have been major concerns over China’s aggressive territorial claims in
the South China Sea and there is no telling what China will do if the US comes down hard on them
regarding trade.  Sadly, we can even expect terrorist attacks to increase.

In short, any disagreements could escalate to war.

Our President Elect
Donald Trump will be in a 3 Personal Year in 2017. Regardless of how you feel about him, he does have
a tendency to speak his mind without being mindful of the power of his words and then has to deal
with the repercussions later. A 3 Personal Year tends to take the filter off our words, removes our edit
button and allows us to express ourselves more freely but caution has to be used otherwise we can
end up in trouble because of something we say. He is actually challenged to the 3 energy in his chart
so it is a lesson he is working on in this lifetime. The 3 Challenge also explains his sensitivity to criticism
so moving forward into 2017, his sensitivity will be increased.  News media and press, just be aware.

The Economy
As a rule a 1 Universal Year brings an overall positive outlook to the economy and we can expect the
US Economy to grow in 2017. There should be better news regarding unemployment rates and higher
wages. Oil prices are set to rise which could cut into disposable income for the average person as it will
be reflected in rising prices for gas. The higher cost of renting limits the 1st time home buyer’s ability to
save up to purchase a new home. Add to that   increased home prices and you may be seeing a strain
on the housing market.   I see the Stock Market as being stable for the most part however there will
still be a few choppy days ahead and one day drops in 2017 that will cause fear. Months to watch the
markets for fluctuations: April, July, August and December.

Britain’s and China’s economies look sluggish for 2017.

Economy: Specific Companies
I think we will be hearing a lot more about greed, fraud and potentially cover-ups with major drug
companies, possibly legal ramifications.

Not a Good Year for: Wells Fargo, Chipotle, Sears, Kmart, Nestle, Samsung, Comcast, Ford, Apple,
Johnson& Johnson

Good news for McDonalds and Netflix

Extinction: I expect an announcement that some living species of animal or insect goes extinct.

Protests: I expect we have not seen the last of protests because again, historically a 1 Universal Year
intensifies this type of activity. The NoDAPL protests will continue and become a major topic of news in
2017. We can also expect protests on a bigger scale when it comes to protecting civil rights, anger
against police violence and support of the LGBT community.

Chicago had over 3100 shootings in 2016 and the crime rate there is substantially higher than the US
average. Expect this to get worse in 2017. Chicago’s crime rate will make headlines.

It will be an active Hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2017, especially for the Eastern US. There will be
a landfall and extensive damage and flooding. Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas also will feel the
effects of strong hurricanes. Typhoons in the Pacific are increasing in intensity and frequency and that
trend will continue.

Powerful storms on Pacific NW will cause power outages, tornadoes, hurricane force winds, flooding
Expect a snowy winter on the East Coast. The NW will also experience heavy snow.

The Deep South drought will continue.

We can expect flooding on a large scale and I expect flooding to be a major topic next year.
Once again, we can expect record high temperatures across the globe.

The intensity of earthquakes is increasing all over the globe and this trend continues but California
should especially be on the alert.

There will be major protests in the state of California.

Every year in the recent past, California has had to deal with wildfires and 2017 does not promise any

Power Outages, Cyber-Attacks, Internet Outages
We are entering an era where war can be waged without firing a weapon through the use of cyber-
attacks. Quite literally, there will be attempts to bring the internet down and we will experience
prolonged periods of hacking where millions of people will not have internet access in 2017.
Cyber hacking, espionage, on-line breaches of security will be a major focus in 2017. I see the NSA
being targeted.

We should be prepared for cyber-attacks on our infrastructure.

AT&T will experience a major outage due to equipment failure.

Expect power outages in the Pacific NW, most likely due to a major storm.

Kayne West: On 2/16/2016 I wrote a blog about Kanye West pointing out that he had rough times
ahead. If Kanye is acting a little bizarre, it is because he has some difficult energy sitting in his chart
which began in 2016 and lasts until after 2018. I think his marriage will be put to the test next year and
expect 2018 to be especially difficult for him.

Howard Stern: His chart suggests difficulty for him in 2017. I would be concerned about an accident or
health related problem.  If not health related, it could have to do with his marriage.

Megyn Kelly: Megyn Kelly, an American journalist for Fox News, has some interesting energy in her
Numerology Chart for 2017.  Although already famous for her work at Fox news, she was thrust in the
spotlight during the 2016 election.  2017 appears to be a significant year for her so I am sure we will
be hearing much more about her.

Tom Brady: American football quarterback for the New England Patriots is in some difficult territory in
2017 and I would not expect it to be a stellar year for him.

Tiger Woods will be injury prone in 2017.

Carrie Fisher just recently had a heart attack and her Numerology Chart for 2017 is not good so I am
concerned for her recovery.
*note : Carrie Fisher has since passed away after the Forecast was written

Julian Assange: Founder of WikiLeaks comes up and I am assuming this may have to do with what I
said previously about cyber-attacks. I do not know how this would be more newsworthy than his role in
the 2016 elections but it is.

Jay Z: 2017 and moving into 2018 show a difficult configuration in his Numerology Chart.  I suspect this
may have something to do with his marriage to Beyoncé. 2018 year is especially difficult for their
marriage but we may be seeing the cracks showing this year.

~Alison Baughman

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her
professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki
Ryoho Reiki Master, author, and lecturer. For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview,
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