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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Fashion by the Numbers:
You Are What You Wear!

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish costumes. How can anyone
forget the "meat dress"?

She is absolutely correct in saying she was "born that way".  She is a
1 Lifepath and 1s are known for having their own unique style and
creative out-of-the-box thinking.

A style icon from another era was Jackie Kennedy who was an 11/2
Lifepath. She was described as a woman who had style, grace and impeccable taste. She also was true
to her numbers.

Our numbers do influence us in every aspect of our life including how we choose to dress so lets take a
quick look at FASHION as seen through the numbers!~

Number 1
Color: Red

1 Fashion Sense: Most 1s want to have their own style and do not follow what everyone else is
wearing. With 1s, originality counts.  It takes a good deal of confidence to have a unique clothing style
that reflects your desire to be unlike the rest. A 1 woman might opt to design their own clothing. Bold
colors are a must.  At work, expect quality clothing that gives a hint of authority and at play, expect
unusual designs.  

1s are confident, strong-willed, individuals, creative, courageous and independent.

Number 2
Color: Orange

2 Fashion Sense:  A 2 can be fussy about appearances and most often are impeccably groomed. Their
clothing is well made and most often classic in styling. A woman with 2 energy tends to cater to her
feminine side and often 2s prefer earth tones, pastels and neutrals.  Not wanting the limelight and
naturally modest, a 2 opts for under-stated rather than over-the-top styling.  

2s are supportive, harmonious, patient and loving and often shy.  

Number 3
Color: Yellow

3 Fashion Sense:  3s can translate all that bubbly creative energy into their wardrobe and if it is trendy,
colorful and sparkly, a 3 is going to love it and wear it. So what if everyone stares, they love the
attention too! If they can infuse their fashion style with humor, even better! Clever jewelry or t-shirts
with funny sayings are right up their alley. For a 3 makeup and hair always goes with the outfit.  3s
love of fashion can break the bank so they spend often but must learn to spend wisely.  

3s are gifted with self expression, creativity, joyfulness, sense of humor, warmth and friendliness.  

Number 4
Color: Green

4 Fashion Sense:  4s are more than likely will win the vote for the most organized closet and probably
buy clothing based upon how useful it is. 4s prefer spending money on something that has lasting
value and if they can get it for a great price, even better!~  A 4 will build a wardrobe that has an outfit
for any occasion, especially work,  and not feel the need to constantly replace it with the latest trends.
Sensible shoes a must!

4s are practical, solid, down to earth, stable, planners, frugal and hard-working.

Number 5
Color: Turquoise.

5 Fashion Sense: If it is sleek and sexy and shows off your curves, a 5 is all over it. It is the most
sensuous of all the numbers and that sexiness translates to the wardrobe, both men and women. 5s
are also free spirits so they choose unconventional styles and can really get wild in their choices.
Bohemian styling is right up their alley. A 5 woman might also opt for a vintage, indie or mod look, but
rest assured her style is noticeable.  

5s are free spirits, unconventional, sensual, social and enjoy versatility.

Number 6
Color:  Royal blue, Indigo

6 Fashion Sense: A 6puts a lot of emphasis on comfort. Often knee deep in caring for a family, a 6 will
opt for comfortable shoes rather than stilettos, a fuzzy warm jogging suit instead of the latest fashion.
This cosmic Mother energy may dress her children to the 9s and put her fashion needs on the back
burner. Still, a 6 has a great sense of color and style and whatever clothing is worn usually is pleasant
to the eye.  A 6 probably prefers classic styling over trendy.

6s are grounded, responsible, caring, supportive, compassionate, artistic and family-orientated.  

Number 7
Color: Violet, Purple

7 Fashion Sense: 7s tend to place emphasis on mental pursuits rather than fashion but they are not
down and out for the count. A 7 has a great deal of class and more than likely will choose a dignified
and refined look over the current fashion frenzy. Of course, you have to get the 7 out of the house first
as a 7 is not so interested in a social life and probably does not have a closet full of party outfits.
Spending much time alone, often working from home, a 7 would most likely throw on whatever is
comfortable and easy to wear given that no one is going to see the outfit anyway. A 7 may be more apt
to wear clothing or jewelry that reflects their deep spiritual roots.

7s are solitary, different, philosophers, loners, mystical, scientific, meditative, deep, reserved and

Number 8
Colors:  Pink, Rose

8 Fashion Sense: Dressing for success is a priority for an 8 and their clothing is more apt to come with
designer labels which announces to the world "yeah I can afford that". 8s place a lot of emphasis on
their careers so dressing professionally is a must. 8 women love their "bling" so jewelry also plays a
part in their wardrobe, especially expensive jewelry. 8s dress to make an impression!

8s represent power, mastery, money, and materialism, desire for success, abundance and ambition.

Number 9
Colors: Gold

9 Fashion Sense: Because the number 9 has the qualities of all the other numbers, a 9 can combine the
styles of all the above into their fashion sense. 9s are also quite artistic and that could present itself in
paint splattered overalls and t-shirt but also could translate into colorful stylish and romantic clothing.  
It also would not be surprising to see a 9 who is wearing a charitable cause on their t-shirt, letting the
world know about the suffering of others.

9 is the humanitarian, selflessness, philanthropic, loving, wise, compassionate, artistic and

~Alison Baughman
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