n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

And Now for the Number 8

I am literally surrounded by 8 Lifepaths in my family
and they have taught me a thing or two about the 8
energy. They are achievement orientated and have a
great deal of drive and ambition. They also have
physical stamina to go along with all of that. Honestly,
my 8 Lifepath sisters can exhaust me sometimes
because they just never stop.

They are competitive people too which I learned very
early in life because my sisters were always accessing
who  had the best clothes, looks or boyfriend. Now
that they are older, the competition has moved on to
the best diamond ring or house and who has the
most money. Yes status is important to an 8 to say the least.

My Mother who is also an 8 Lifepath had a distinguished career as a teacher and was recognized as
being one of the best in her field. Her greatest achievement was completing her college degree while
raising 6 children at the same time. That was no easy feat.
8s can overcome the greatest of odds.

Each of my family members has faced some financial difficulties at some point in their life which is the
norm for an 8 but this is also the number of the survivor and each has overcome them. They became
financially smarter and wiser for the experience.

8s are problem solvers and they instinctively know the most efficient way to accomplish a task. They
often get frustrated if someone else can not do the same. This can create a problem for the 8 if they
opt to do the task themselves rather than risk a less than perfect outcome. If you are an 8 and hear
yourself saying "I'd rather do it myself" , you are mismanaging your 8 energy. Your task truly is to guide
others to be as successful as you and not to micromanage everything.

Appearances are everything to an 8 and I have to say my Mother and my sisters are always well
dressed. My Mother can spot a designer label a mile away and I always smile as she describes how
impeccably someone is dressed. That is her 8 talking.

8 is the number associated with money, power, position and status and attainment. Success comes to
an 8 who sets goals and works hard to achieve them.  This is also the number that draws powerful and
influential people around you . It is the rags to riches number with the greatest potential for success.

My Mother, sisters and even my daughter taught me by example the meaning of the 8. I salute them in
all their 8 glory!

~Alison Baughman

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her
professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki
Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and the host of Visible By Numbers, a weekly Internet talk show
on Om Times Radio at FMG Radio. She is the author of "
Speaking to Your Soul: Through Numerology"
now available at Amazon. For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit
visiblebynumbers/contact. html or
email alison [at] visiblebynumbers [dot] com.
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