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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

And Now for the Number 9

Every number in Numerology has positive and negative
qualities. The Number 9 is one of those numbers that is
all or nothing.  It is the number of extremes either
displaying the positive qualities of the 9 or the negative
and nothing in between.  A 9 has the capacity to either
save the world or destroy it. We can look to examples
of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, both 9 Lifepaths,
for selfless service to others and an example of true
humanitarians. We can also look at the darker side of
the 9 by examples of Heinrich Himmler, Ayatollah
Khomeini and John Wayne Gacy who were also 9 Lifepaths.

Giving a great amount of thought to the complexity of the number 9, I have come to the conclusion on a
few points. The Number 9 is associated with "spiritual teacher" and looking at the list below we have
many spiritual teachers such as Lisa Williams, John Holland, James VanPraagh, and Neale Donald
Walsch. They are also well known authors of many books on the subject of spirituality.
I have come to believe 9s do not have to be famous to be a spiritual teacher but even in ordinary lives,
9s teach others. I also believe that even in being a negative 9, there is a lesson to be learned. In a
world of contrasts, we need to see what is good and also what is evil in order to define who we are
and what we believe in. We can be inspired by the example Mother Teresa's life gave and be repelled
by the horror of the life of Heinrich Himmler. Both lives taught humanity something.

Going even further, by examining the words surrounding the number 9, we must understand that each
number draws to us specific experiences to help our souls evolve. Often 9s experience childhood
trauma which I can only surmise assists them in understanding the pain of others and awakens the
compassionate heart within them. It is that compassion that guides the positive expression of the 9 to
help others.
Numerology teaches that 9s are here to learn unconditional love, forgiveness and letting go but in real
life that translates into having people who are difficult to love in their lives, being hurt in order to have
an opportunity to forgive and finding a way to let go of the emotional baggage that comes with all of
It goes without question that we all get emotionally hurt at one time or another in life but not all of us
forgive. Some people hold a grudge forever and others seek revenge. The 9 is held to higher standards
in the sense the 9 must learn to forgive.  In the negative, forgiveness is never found and the emotional
scars are never healed.

If the soul plans their experiences prior to coming into the physical, would that not also mean that 9s
put the people who are difficult to love and the ones who hurt them in their path? How else would they
be able to practice what they came here to do and how else would they grow in spirit?

After giving the experiences of the 9 thought, I cannot help but conclude that if a soul chooses the
pathway of the Number 9 to evolve, other souls who loved them very much agreed to play the part of
their nemesis.
You would be surprised to discover that often the other souls are 9s, and 9s that are expressing the
energy of the 9 in a negative manner. Still, you could also say that the negative 9s assume the role of a
spiritual teacher in doing so.

The 9 is a number of extreme emotions going from being apathetic to being overwhelmed. Perhaps the
task at hand is to become the master of your emotions. A positive 9 must learn to be tolerant of others,
embody love and find a pathway to be of service to others. A negative 9 is the catalyst for the lesson.

Positive Qualities of the 9:  Humanitarian, selflessness, philanthropic, loving, wise, completion,
perfection, compassion, brotherhood, spirituality, forgiveness, intuitive,  multi-talented, reward,  socially
conscious, sacrifice without reward, writer, philosopher, idealist, sensitive, emotional, trustworthy and
honorable, artistic, generous and never prejudiced.

Negative Qualities of the 9: Melodramatic, intolerant, gullible, selfish, jealous, deceiving, discourteous,
intolerant, temperamental, resentful, unreasonable, unsympathetic, victimized, demanding.

*Heinrich Himmler was the head of the SS, the second most powerful Nazi and was responsible for 6 to
7 million deaths of Poles, Russians and other groups the Nazis deemed unworthy to live.
*Ayatollah Khomeini was the religious leader of Iran from 1979 to 1989. He was also the leader of the
Iranian Revolution which killed 3,000 to 60,000 people.
*John Wayne Gacy Jr was a convicted serial killer and responsible for the deaths of 33 teenage boys.

Other Famous 9 Lifepaths:  Jimmy Carter, Morgan Freeman, James VanPraagh, Spike Lee, Garth Brooks,
David Copperfield, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Prince, Patrick Dempsey, Lance Armstrong. Ray
Charles, Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, Cher, Tyra Banks, Shirley MacLaine, Frank Lloyd Wright, Robin
Williams. Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston, Lisa Williams, John Holland, Neale Donald Walsch
Copyright 2015

~Alison Baughman

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her
professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki
Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and the host of Visible By Numbers, a weekly Internet talk show
on Om Times Radio at FMG Radio. She is the author of "
Speaking to Your Soul: Through Numerology"
now available at Amazon. For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit
visiblebynumbers/contact. html or
email alison [at] visiblebynumbers [dot] com.
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