n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Conversations by the Numbers

You have arrived at a party and do not know a soul. Sometimes
making idle "chit-chat" is exhausting and you only have one
chance to make a good impression. Where do you start the
conversation and what do you talk about?  There is an easy
way to understand another person enough to start a conversation with them if you can simply ask for
their Birthday.  Just the Day they are born alone gives you key information about a person, It also can
give you ideas on how to get the conversation started.

Let's take a lighthearted look at helpful hints on how to have your own  "Conversations by the

1s: You could ask any question about a 1's life and they would be very happy talking about
themselves. Don't expect the conversation to turn to you anytime too soon. As long as you allow them
to be the center of the conversation, chances are they will enjoy it.

2s: You may find a 2 a little shy and may even overlook them at a party but they make for wonderful
friends. Try asking them if they collect anything or perhaps discuss music and art. Because 2s can be
uncomfortable when they do not know anyone, you can easily win their affections by being warm and

3s: When approaching a 3, put on your best smile and  remember to keep it lighthearted. They would
appreciate a good joke or even some humorous kidding. Keep it flirty and fun and expect to be
entertained by your new 3 friend and don't be surprised if they never stop talking!

4s: Most 4s are hard workers so you could ask them about their line of work for starters.  When
approaching a 4 , be down to earth and honest and they will appreciate you. 4s love their families too.
Because 4s are common sense people and quite frugal, you could always discuss a great sale you ran
into recently!

5s: These social creatures do not need much coaching into a conversation as they are quite the talkers
and are at ease talking to just about anyone about anything.  You can expect some sexual
undercurrent in this conversation. You could also share with them something adventurous you have
done and be prepared to  hear some fun stories in return.

6s: Just ask about their family and you are good to go. 6s love their home and families and make them
a priority in life. 6s also love music so discussing a concert you recently went to might begin a long
conversation on musical artists.  6s are warm and friendly people who will make you feel at ease in a

7s: Sometimes 7s seem unapproachable and have an air of mystery about them. If you enter a
conversation with a 7 be prepared to be engaged in an intellectual conversation. 7s tend to be either
very scientific or very spiritual and sometimes both so either subjects could get the conversation
started. 7s do not like idle chit chat so whatever you bring up, make it interesting!

8s: All you really have to do with an 8 is ask about their career and you have given them the
opportunity to talk all night. If you bring up the  subject of money and business, you will have allot to
talk about.  Be prepared though to have your discussion interrupted by an important phone call.

9s: 9s are very charismatic people so they are easy to talk to. Any subject dealing with current or world
affairs might end up being an all night discussion. They also are interested in art and theater.

So next time you are in the company of people you do not know, just say "Hello" and "Birthday
please?" and let the party begin.

~Alison Baughman
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