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Numerology Interview of Alison Baughman by Amber Lawson
March 7, 2013

From The God Spark blog...

Alison, welcome to The God Spark! I am very excited that you agreed to take the time to do this
interview. I have known you for awhile now as an online presence and have even taken your advanced
numerology course. Before we begin I would like to let you know how awesome your advanced
numerology course was. You taught the other students and I a lot of insider numerology information
that I did not come across in my independent research of numerology before I started the class. The
books that you recommended were as Tina Turner sings, ‘simply the best’ material that I think is
available to help build a solid body of knowledge about Pythagorean numerology. Your approach to
numerology, bringing it to an intuitive level, above all helped me understand numerology more, made
me more effective in making numerology predictions to my friends and really helped me grow my
intuitive abilities. Thank you so much for that Alison!

What is numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science that goes back to antiquity.

Numerology is founded in the teachings of Pythagoras who lived in 560 AD. It’s roots are in ancient
cultures such as Rome, Egypt, Greece, China and has ties to the Hebrew Kabbalah.

It is based on physics which tells us that everything in the Universe, from rocks and minerals to the
organs of your body and the very sound of your name has its own distinct rate of vibration. To measure
vibration, we need numbers.

Most of us perceive numbers as solely having to do with mathematics but Numerology is the study of
the spiritual qualities of numbers. Numbers have meanings. Each number has a vibration as well as a
distinct energy pattern.  Numerology discerns your cosmic code from the information found in your date
of birth and name given at birth.

How do you use it to help people?

I like to think that I use Numerology to help people to lead happier, healthier and more purposeful
lives. By being able to share with them the information in their Numerology Chart, I can give them
insight about their lives on many levels. Knowing who you really are, why you are here, what energy is
influencing your life at any given moment and reasons for your experiences are just some of the areas
of insight Numerology has to offer. I help people make better choices and use their energy to their full
capacity and give them clear direction for their future. I also would like to think I help them to
understand, love and accept themselves on a deeper level.

How can people use it to help themselves?

If a person was motivated to explore their own Numerology, they would understand the purpose of
their life and themselves better. The information Numerology has to offer to a person resonates to their
soul and in that, comes validation. Understanding yourself puts you on a pathway for greater
achievements in life.

How long have you been a professional numerologist?

I have been a professional Numerologist for 12 Years. I discovered Numerology as a child and have
been fascinated with it most of my life.

How has numerology helped you in your life?

On a personal level, my understanding of Numerology has given me a perspective on life that deepens
my faith in God and the Universe. Being able to look at life from a soul level allows me to see beyond
what most people experience as their reality. That ability brings about a very peaceful existence in the
knowing that there is a purpose and reason for all our experiences. I also am very grateful for being
able to look at every person in my life and understand them by looking at them through their
Numerology. It has helped me to be less judgmental and accept people exactly as they are. In many
ways, Numerology has helped to grow my own soul.

Do you have any interesting client stories that you want to share that have to do with you helping a
client through numerology to heal some facet of their life or themselves?

I think the one person that stood out for me the most was a young man who had a drug addiction for 5
years of his life. When I spoke to him, he was recovered and in the process of going to school to
become an addictions counselor. I was able to share with him that he actually was born predisposed to
addictions and it was most likely he was meant to experience it but his soul purpose was to rise above
that experience and help others because of it. I believe he had a great deal of regret and guilt but
what his Numerology revealed to him, allowed him to move past those emotions and see his greater

I personally don’t feel like people give people in your profession enough credit. Not only are you
predicting the future and giving detailed advice to your clients but in many ways you are acting as
a counselor, life coach and therapist helping people through often very emotional times. How did
you gain the skill to effectively counsel other people? Is it all through your working knowledge and
innate abilities or did any other resources such as books help you?

I would defer to my own personal Numerology and have to say that I was born with those skills. I have
a loving heart, a kind disposition and an ability to effectively work with people on an emotional level. My
ability to understand Numerology is very much present in my numbers. It can not be stated enough
that Numerology itself is an incredible tool to give people guidance. My level of understanding
Numerology through study and experience is the basis for my ability to effectively counsel people , even
in difficult emotional times.

You are a woman running a successful business in the field of Numerology, which fits under the
spirituality umbrella. What do you credit your success too?

I am a firm believer that if you do good work, good things will happen. I approach every reading giving
100% of myself and giving my client my best effort. I have added other elements to Numerology to
broaden my capacity to help people. I have studied meditation, Reiki, spiritual philosophy, Qi Gong,
crystals, mediumship and other Divination tools to further assist my clients.

With that being said, I do feel incredibly supported by the Divine Realms and know this is what I was
meant to do. Helping people through Numerology is what I love to do and when you do what you love,
you can not help but be successful.

No matter what kind of business you have, you also have to approach it as a business and make good
decisions. I believe I have done that too.

Alison what I really like about you is that you are a very down to earth, spunky and opinionated
person. Some spiritual professionals seem more spiritually focused instead of balancing spirituality
with the joys and responsibilities of living on Earth. How did you become so balanced? Do you have
any recommendations for the readers of this blog about balance?

I think some people get all caught up in their own “press”. I fight hard not to be put on a pedestal or to
be elevated to a guru status. I try to keep grounded. I keep reminding myself, I did not invent
Numerology, I just understand it really really well. I keep my ego in check which I think is key to
remaining balanced.

A lot of interviews that I read about numerology cover just the basic information in order to inform their
audience about numerology so that their audience has a base line knowledge of it. But often these
interviews do not go to in-depth with the information. These next few questions are for the mes of the
world, that already have the baseline knowledge and would like more in-depth insight from a
professional numerologist.

Just like astrology has many different subdivisions so does numerology. The most popular forms of
numerology are Chaldean and Pythagorean. Why did you choose to become a Pythagorean

I chose Pythagorean Numerology because through experimentation, I found it to be the most accurate.
I am a perfectionist and it is important to me to be able to deliver a concise and accurate reading to my
clients. I experimented with many forms of Numerology before I settled on Pythagorean Numerology.

There are two splits, that I know of, that divide Pythagorean numerologists. The first one, is when
the Personal Year starts. Some believe it starts on New Years while others believe it starts on
their birthday. The second split, is the letter W. Some believe it should be considered a vowel
(Mathew Goodwin and if I remember correctly Florence Campbell) while most others believe that
it should be considered a consonant. Where do you stand within these divisions and why?

Regarding when the Personal Year begins, it is true that not all Numerologists agree. Some would tell
you that it begins on your birthday, however ALL Numerologists agree that the Universal Year begins
on January 1st. In order to calculate the Personal Year Number, you must use the Universal Year
number in your calculation. It is illogical to have a discrepancy in start times when you give it thought.

Juno Jordan, a Numerologist with the greatest body of work and experience in the field is solely
responsible for giving us the Personal Year and it’s meanings. It is because of her that we have it in the
first place. Juno Jordan begins the Personal Year on Jan 1st.

Finally, having done over 12 years of personal readings, and finding  that using a start date of Jan. 1st
to be accurate for my clients, I have to agree with Juno Jordan.

I assure you that the majority of Numerologists use Jan. 1st as the start date.

Although you did not ask, I would like to add my 2 cents here. There have been many Numerology
books published with misinformation. Numerology does have set rules of calculations and
interpretations which are fundamental. In order to judge the accuracy of information in a Numerology
Book,  you would literally have to be an expert in the field. I doubt if may publishers are and probably
they do not check the accuracy of the information. This is most likely why there is dissention regarding
certain theories with Numerology.

Regarding the letter W, I have not ever considered it to be a vowel and base my opinion on years of
experience with readings and clients.

You have a unique approach to numerology. You are an intuitive numerologist. Were you taught
this method or did you come to this approach because the information just came to you that way?

I believe we all have an aptitude for something.  I was always fascinated with biographies of people’s
lives. On some level, I was asking the questions about destiny very early in life. When I picked up my
first Numerology Book at age 11 and read it,  it answered my questions about destiny. I seemed to
have a deep understanding of Numerology.  I set about on a quest to learn everything I could about it
and discovered without question, I already knew it.

We know the meaning of the word “prodigy” but associate it with music, art or some other profession.
It certainly can apply to Numerology as well.

My intuition is really part of my numeric makeup and it assists me in choosing the right interpretations
and using the right words to deliver the information. Numerology is a Divination tool which suggests a
connection to the spiritual realm and I trust in the Divine guidance I receive when doing a Numerology

Thank you so much Alison for you time! Is there anything else that you would like to say before this
interview ends?

I just want to thank you Amber for the very interesting and insightful questions and the opportunity to
share my thoughts with your readers.

Original blog post can be found here: Interview with Alison Baughman
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