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Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Pet Numerology

Did you know you can do a Numerology reading on your favorite
hairball? Dogs have energy just like we do and a little Numerology
can go a long way in helping you to understand why Fido behaves
the way he does. I bet some of you reading this have an "Ah-Hah"
moment. To find your dog's number use the graph below.

Find the corresponding number for each letter of  their name and add it across and reduce to a single
digit. I suggest that you use the name you call the dog by.

Fido 6+9+4+6=25
Fido is a 7

If your dog is a 1:
They want to be the boss of you so be sure to let this headstrong little creature know right away that
you are in charge. They would make good guard dogs because they are very protective. This dog is
only going to do what it wants to do so be patient.

If your dog is a 2:  
Your little companion thrives in a peaceful environment. You may find them hiding in a closet when it
comes to thunder storms or 4th of July fireworks. They may appear shy at times and need a little
coaching and reassurance. This dog appreciates being well groomed and may spend a lot of time
grooming itself. Most importantly, this little love bug is probably happiest when sitting in your lap.

If your dog is a 3:
Get out the toys because this one is a playful one. They love to meet people and go places because of
their friendly social nature. They may be extra talkative so be prepared for some serious barking. You
better be prepared for extra trips to the doggie park because this dog is an energetic one.

If your dog is a 4:   
Your loyal companion needs to have a routine. You would do best to feed and exercise them at the
same time every day.  You will find some resistance when you introduce anything new to them. Try to
do it in a slow and gradual manner. Yes they can be stubborn but they are creatures of habit who are
totally devoted to you.

If your dog is a 5:
You had better get a fenced in yard because this one is a bit of a wanderer. They also should be
spayed or neutered as soon as possible or you will see puppies in your future. This pooch may always
be begging for food so stock up on a variety of snacks. This dog has a keen sense of smell and may
drag a dead bird into the house for the fun of it or roll in something gross! Still with that being said, this
5 might make for an excellent police dog and will always keep you entertained.

If your dog is a 6:
Ideally suited to home and family, this is a very devoted and loving dog. These dogs also make for the
best service dogs and can be trained to help a human who has disabilities. They will always be by your
side when you need them. They love a happy family and would get quite upset if there is arguing going
on. To make them happy, just praise them and offer them a special reward. They need to know they
are appreciated.

If your dog is a 7:
Chances are this is a very intelligent animal and would probably love a toy  that challenges them like a
Kong. They may have a favorite sleeping spot far away from the family because this dog does need
their alone time. You can bet that they are a little sneaky and don't be surprised if they steal another
dogs bone or toy when you are not looking.
They probably would enjoy your teaching them tricks and spending quality time with their favorite

If your dog is an 8:
Expect high energy and a dog that prefers to be in charge of you rather than the other way around. If
you have other pets, this one will assume the Alpha dog position right quick. This dog would probably
appreciate a luxurious bed and wouldn't mind a jeweled collar. Chances are this dog was expensive!

If your dog is a 9:

Your pet is an old soul for sure and has all the qualities of all the numbers previously described. You
may just never know what you are getting. They are very much in tune to your vibes and sense far
more than you give them credit for. Charismatic and multi-talented is the best description for your 9.  

If your dog is an 11:
This dog has a higher vibration and you may feel there is something special about this dog. They  may
seem wiser and more soulful than most. You best believe that your pooch is psychic and they may even
bark at unseen spirits or react to vibrations you may not be aware of. Your dog also has all the
attributes of the 2 so be sure to read the description above.  

If your dog is a 22:
This dog is also at a higher vibration and it strongly connected to Mother Earth. Do not be surprised if
your furry child reacts to earthquakes or other natural occurrences. This dog also has all the attributes
of the number 4  so be sure to  read the description above.

~Alison Baughman
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