n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
Numerology Article by Alison Baughman

Six Ways Numerology Can
Improve Your Life

The wisdom and knowledge of Numerology dates back to
560 AD and has ties to ancient cultures such as Rome, Egypt,
Greece and China. It has strong ties to the Hebrew Kabbalah.
Numerology is practiced in many countries throughout the
world. It is a Divination Tool which when studied and applied
has many benefits and gifts. The following touches upon some
of the ways Numerology can assist you and how you can profit
from understanding your personal Numerology.

1. Self-Awareness
By exploring your personal Numerology Chart, you can actually validate who you are as a person
because it explains all the energy that makes you the unique individual that you are.  By being more
consciously aware of who you are you are more apt to live a happier, healthier and more purposeful
life. Understanding your talents and abilities goes a long way in developing them. Self-awareness is the
1st step to being successful because it brings about confidence, self-acceptance and greater love of

2. Understanding Your Divine Mission
Each soul enters a physical lifetime to evolve in consciousness and each soul has chosen a Divine
Mission. In reality, our lives and what we experience is a direct reflection of that mission. By
understanding what our souls chose we can understand our life on a deeper level. Instead of
struggling, we can find acceptance and work in harmony with our soul to achieve our destined mission.

3. Acceptance of Others
Once we understand Numerology, we can apply it to each and every person we come into contact with
in life. We can understand them on a deeper level as well. Instead of having expectations that they
should think and feel as we do, we simply learn to allow them to think and feel whatever way is right
for them. Numerology can be instrumental in creating healthier relationships with anyone once we
understand them from an energetic standpoint.

4. Challenges
Numerology identifies your challenges in life or in other words, your "Achilles Heel".  Our challenges are
usually created early on in life and sometimes they take a lifetime to overcome. By understanding your
challenges, you can make a conscious choice to work on them. Challenges, when overcome, turn out to
be our greatest strengths. You can literally take a problem and turn it into an asset by working on your

5. Timing
Numerology identifies specific energy that flows into your life at different times in your life. That energy
creates your experiences and opportunities. By fully understanding when that energy is present and
what activities it supports allows you to make the most use out of that time in your life. You can take
advantage of the timing in your Numerology Chart and make decisions which would allow for a
favorable or more productive outcome.

6. Enlightenment
Any Divination tool serves to enhance your connection to the spiritual however Numerology is a direct
link to your soul essence. For those of you in search of a deeper meaning to life and a greater spiritual
connection, Numerology is the key to that insight and guidance.
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