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"I so appreciate each
and every one who
has taken the time to
write and say thanks.
If fills my soul to know
I have helped others
in their journey."

~ Alison Baughman
n  u  m  e  r  o  l  o  g  y     t  h  a  t     i  n  s  p  i  r  e  s
Hi Alison, I just can't find the right words to express how much gratitude I am feeling for you speaking to me...this will
be never ending ....I am truly, truly grateful...I am still in the "awe" stage...I can't remember anyone who has been
kinder than you.

Now I must absorb and put into practice all the your beautiful divine intelligence that has been given and shared to
me. All I can keep on saying is WOW, WOW.....I can't or won't wipe the smile on my face or in my heart.

~ Linda
helped me to come to terms with some things about myself that I never understood. I now know I have to accept Hi
Alison, It's Kim, of the all 7 fame!!!!! I just wanted to thank you for a terrific reading. I can't tell you how much it
some of those things and learn to put them to good use! My heart has been lighter and my stress level is receding I
try to benefit from their positive energy! I have been dealing with my students in a much different way. This is
something I should have done a long while ago!

~ Kim
Alison is a Renaissance Woman. She is an amazingly gifted Numerologist and Psychic, an engaging and interesting
questions brings out the most in her radio guests. Then, she will stun you with her pinpoint accuracy in the readings
she conducts. She does all of this with the utmost joy and humility. It is clear Alison is a true Lightworker and one of
the people that make the world a better place.

~ Medium Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer
Dearest Alison, I would like to thank you immensely for the powerful reading you gave my mother and also for the
Reiki healing. For the first time, she was able to do a visualization, which she continued to do, as you taught her,
throughout the day and that night. She is doing SO much better. I consider her improvement a miracle, because she
was doing very poorly.

I know her improvement is due to everything she's been doing to get well, but am positive that your healing made a
big impact. The deep breaths and the energy healing you gave her put life back into her lungs. Before the session with
you, she couldn't take a deep breath, so she was very pale, and it was affecting the healing ability of her lungs. Now,
her lungs are healing and she is finally getting the oxygen her body desperately needed.
I am so grateful to have met you. I treasure you and the gifts you bring to others.

~ Josie
Hi, Alison, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate these monthly newsletters. I always enjoy your insights
and find them valuable throughout each month. As true as that is, this particular newsletter inspired me to write back
to you, not because of the month forecast, but because of your description of destiny for your radio broadcast. I
needed this message at this time and it was such a relief to me to read it. I had one of those "just knowing it was
true without question" moments, and I wanted to thank you for sending it out there for those of us who were ready
and needing to receive it.

~ Gabrielle
In the past couple of months, I found myself prompted to surf the web in search of spiritual philosophy links, and "low
and behold," I arrived at BBS Radio, the only radio station to focus its content solely on the teaching/learning and
healing/enlightenment of the human family at an unmatched level in talk-radio history. Serendipity, was a word I
rarely used, least of all, had "experienced," until I happened to tune in to BBS Radio when a program named, "Visible
graced by a follow-up reading/report by Alison Baughman. Indeed, from the reading's/report's onset, I quickly
discovered that "I" was being read and advised by an unbelievably gifted psychic channel, who apparently used
numbers as "tools" to the gateway of the etheric realms. I must admit that I have been read by some of the best
spiritualists, channels, and psychics in NYC. However, Alison's insights, revelations, and guidance was mind-boggling.
And after the reading/report had ended, I felt like a void inside of me had been filled; filled with clarity, strength, more
confidence and just an over-all "understanding" that remains indelible upon my heart(it's hard to word this himself or
herself, and then to have it return at unawares in a chance meeting, fraught with sacred understanding of why it
"appeared" to leave in the first place, then one might grasp the value that Alison Baughman's reading/report had for
me. In all, I thank BBS Radio for the gift of this special host (with these extraordinary powers and gifts).

~ Gordon
From a Workshop Student:
Ah Alison............you are so beautiful! A gifted teacher and just a plain beautiful soul!!! I have learned volumes from
you and it has changed my life to say the least and I can share a bit with others to continue what you have started in
me. Thank you soooo much.

I am practicing and the numbers never seem to amaze me. You have gifted me with the insight on how to read the
energy of the numbers and it feels almost like magic.
Thank you for passing on to me the magic of the numbers...............you must know that your wisdom continues on in
all that you pass it along to............

~ Barb
I so appreciate each and every one who have taken the
time to write and say thanks. It fills my soul to know I
have helped others in their journey. If you would like
to write a testimonial for this page, please
email me!
~ Alison Baughman
It is a great pleasure to recommend Alison Baughman as an expert speaker on Numerology, in addition to giving
private Numerology sessions.  

As an event planner for the past 10 years, I have hosted Alison many times.  Formerly the Seminar Coordinator for
the Health & Wellness Center of Doylestown Hospital and now as the Founder and Director of my own company,
Susan Duval Seminars, I have hosted hundreds of speakers from all over the country and overseas.  

Out of all these professional speakers, Alison is one of my very favorites, due to her great personality, incredible
knowledge of her subject, excellent interaction with the audience, terrific sense of humor, the riveting information she
delivers articulately in a well-planned outline, the compassion she has for her clients, her generosity of spirit, and how
easy it is to work with her.

I know that when I host Alison for a seminar that everyone will leave happy.  This holds true for the private sessions
as well.  I have never had a complaint or feedback that anyone was disappointed when Alison comes to town.  On the
contrary, everyone lets me know how thrilled they were with the program or their private session.  

This is what every event planner wishes for, and why I am always happy to host Alison.  She makes ME look good,
and she brings comfort, inspiration and enlightenment to my clients.  It is obvious that Alison loves what she does,
and this passion is beautifully and professionally expressed in her practice of the Art & Science of Numerology.

~ Susan Duval
Doylestown PA
Alison Baughman is the most intuitive Numerologist I have ever known, but also a master communicator. Her gifts
they are on.

Being the founder of BBS Radio Network has afforded me the greatest privilege of being "in the know" when it comes
to people with abilities, and Alison is one of the most remarkable I have encountered! Her Radio Show “Visible By
Numbers” has garnered a loyal listening audience and is one of the most respected shows aired on BBS.

~ Donald Newsom
BBS Network, Inc.
Alison Baughman is a truly exceptional gifted Numerologist. When she began reading for me, I thought I was talking to
one of my sisters. She was right on about everything. As she continued the reading, I was not only impressed by the
have had. It was one of the best experiences in my life. It was not only accurate, and I mean accurate!!!!, she had
pegged me perfectly. It was an astounding experience and by someone who knew nothing about me. I would give
Alison Baughman five stars and would highly recommend her to everyone. She is that exceptional.

~ Jackie
Dear Alison, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!   
I also want to thank you for your prayers.  I wrote to you last year because I was battling breast cancer.  I celebrated
being cancer free for one year on October 29, 2015!  I was so astounded by how important medical procedures or
tests were done on master number dates.  The Universe knows what it is doing.
Your monthly predictions guide me and give me a heads up on what to celebrate and what to be cautious about.  I am
in a 3 year.  Last month, I drove under the speed limit to make sure I didn't end up with a speeding ticket.  You also
mentioned a job change being a possibility and presto, I let go of a toxic retail job and replaced it with a new job that
pays much better!
I forward your page to my brother who didn't listen to your advice.  He is in a 2 year and you very clearly stated to
slow down when driving.  He called me all upset because he was written up with a $168.00 speeding ticket.  I
sympathized with him for about 3 seconds and then I said, "Hey, Alison warned you in her monthly newsletter not to
speed.  She is extremely accurate in her predictions."  
May you continue to be blessed with spiritual grace.  Thank you for helping us all to lead fulfilling lives.
~ Kimberly
Hi Alison, It's been a while but I thought I'd email you and give you an update. Your reading has made such an
It has been a year since you have given me my reading. I have never listened to the tape of it again but I don't have
to because I have never forgotten it. I have been on my journey since the day of the reading. I had just lost my job of
16 years and I was really worried about finding another job back then. You told me that I would find something but
that it would be meaningless and something just to tie me over until 2009 because that's when I would get my "meat
and potatoes" job. So far you have been dead on.

I don't know why I felt so compelled to write to you but I did. I have referred so many people to you because you have
literally changed my life and started me on my journey and I just really want to thank you for that. It means a lot to
me. God Bless You!!!

~ Natalie
This may sound trite, but the first word that came out of my mouth as I hung up the phone with Alison was 'wow.' I
was that blown away by my numerology reading. How could this woman know so much about me? It was like we had
been best friends forever; she reached that far into my soul, pointing out every nook and cranny. Alison is not only
gifted in her readings and predictions, but she also has the gift of making you feel at ease. I've never met Alison
personally, but I left our conversation feeling like she genuinely cared.

~ Cynthia
Alison, Thanks so much for the numerology reading! This was my first time and I truly appreciated this experience.
There was a lot of TRUTH in the things that you interpreted with the help of numbers. Your reading felt very the
understanding numbers with the world. Your reading really confirmed alot of what I have already been feeling and
sensing in my spirit. This experience was very helpful. I feel like I have more clarity of my life's purpose. Starting in
major transition point in my life. So much of what you shared with me today is quite relevant to my current life and
lifestyle. It is amazing how ordered and precise the universe is.

I am very glad that I was able to connect with you and I pray that we are able to stay connected. Thank you for
serving as a willing vessel for the spirit. All praises to God for TRUTH and any and all revelations.

~ LaTosha
Alison’s Advanced Numerology class is more than just a class in numerology.  It is a class which gives you another
way of looking at life.  Because of Alison’s class I no longer view circumstances, people, and conditions the same.  
Alison teaches in a way  that draws you in and keeps you wanting more.  For me, Alison’s class did more than teach
me Numerology, it changed the direction of my life, and that is the name of my new business:  “New Directions”.

With all that I am, thank you Alison,

~ Kathy Mac
Thank you so much for the AMAZING numerology reading you gave me yesterday.  It was like you were inside my
mind!  You knew my personality traits to a tee, and quite frankly I have NEVER in my life had a reading like that
before!  (It's like you understood me better than anyone I have ever met before!)

I am so lucky and honored to have gotten to know you & have a reading with you and feel truly blessed.  

In Doreen Virtue's Book "Healing With the Angels" she talks about "Earth Angels".  And, I believe you are an "Earth
Angel".  You don't just read the chart, but do so with a compassionate heart.   

I will continue listening and enjoying  your radio show.  

Thanks a million for everything

~ Gail
Alison is one of my favorite Numerologists. She is a talented communicator...clear, insightful, generous and kind.

~ Ellin Dodge
Alison Baughman brings excellence to our field.  True understanding of Numerology and the ability to communicate the
wisdom is a rare combination. Alison has both.

She has much to offer anyone who turns to her to refine their own self knowledge and personal quality.

~ Ellae Ellinwood
Life Coach & Author of The Everything Numerology Book and Earth is Your Sweet Spot
Alison Baughman is the impresario of the Numerology world.  She can weave an intricate and beautiful picture of your
energy through numbers, the way a spider uses silk to create a cocoon.  When I listen to Alison speak about energy
through numbers, I feel like I have been given entree into an ancient language, and she is the Rosetta Stone, able to
of the numbers of your birth date and your name, and help you to understand the true energy that is you. There is a
definitive purpose to her work, and that is to help each of us understand the information that is carried in the vibration
of our personal numbers.

~ Daria Justyn
It was very important for me to send you this note, so you could understand how much your reading meant to me.  I
thought at first that 90 minutes was a long time for a reading, but as it progressed, I found myself listening with rapt
attention, marveling at how much of what you said was truth, and how much of what you said was spot on.  The time
passed very quickly.  

I think of myself as a very open minded person, but even so there is a part of me that remains a bit skeptical about
things that can't be explained by science.  After your reading, I can no longer justify my skepticism.  My spirit is
renewed, my heart joyous.  I can't wait to receive the recording of our session so I can listen again and further
internalize the personal truths that you have given voice to.

My life has been a journey of self exploration and enlightenment, combined with the satisfaction of helping others.  
With this in mind, I have to say that the most significant part of the reading was the end, when I asked you about my
dad.  You demonstrated the ability to describe my father very well with little input on my part, even though he has
been dead for almost five years.  Your description of him and my relationship with him was very accurate.  And then,
when you mentioned the penny - wow! - it was, as you said, validation that what you said about him was real.  There
were tears in my eyes as you spoke of him.  And Alison, I was very happy that you believed I gave you a gift in return,
an affirmation of your ability to sense the spirit of those who have passed on.

You are amazing, and I don't know how I can repay you for the gift you have given me.  Thank you from the bottom of
my heart.

~ Rick

Your Sunday morning talk at Circle Of Miracles was so informative, entertaining, and engaging! Time just flew! We
could have listened to you for a much longer time. It surely looked like you held everyone's attention, especially
mine. My husband and I so wanted to attend your afternoon session, but had another engagement. I hope, it was

Thank you for taking time to be with us. We are also extremely grateful to Susan Duval for bringing you to Circle and
look forward to your return.

Blessings and love,
~ Hannelore
Circle Of Miracles Ministries
I received my CD today: thank you so much!

Listening to it was even deeper and more insightful! Your reading is stunning.
I had no idea Numerology could be interpreted with so much precision and details even regarding the timing. It is as
if  our dharma is already written in our numbers.
My sensibility has even increased since you did my reading and I start receiving guidance: I am thrilled!

Blessings with my very best wishes,

Hi Alison,

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent teleconference yesterday.  You are truly a gifted spirit.  I enjoyed it so
much that I would like to join your teleconference classes and I am eagerly awaiting your second book.

Thank you again for allowing me to join you and the fellow members of our class.

Thank you  
~ Jackie L
understatement. My reading with her was nothing short of jaw-dropping. She described events in my life that no-one
To say that Alison Baughman is spiritually talented is like saying (most) women like chocolate - a total else would be
aware of and that's when I knew that Alison is, indeed, in my humble opinion a numerology guru.

Alison was concise, clear, ever so kind and compassionate. I could feel her warmth and caring when she detailed parts
of my life and put many things into perspective for me. I am incredibly grateful and thankful for what she said is to
come in my future and I couldn't recommend her more highly. I've already given her details to my closest friend. I look
forward to receiving the monthly newsletter and will keep in mind everything we discussed.

~ Tracie (Australia)
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Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the additional meditation tracks you sent me. They are wonderful. Thank
you for taking the time to give me a marvelous reading. You have given me so much insight on what I need to do to
heal and to become the person I am supposed to be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love and Light,
~ Andrea